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ShowGo is a globally-recognized account for all of the major chains including Marriott, Hyatt, and Hilton. Our large film production hotel booking volume coupled with our highly-esteemed hotel relationships is the what provides the leverage to get the lowest rates on your show or program. ShowGo does not use a GDS system to generate rates. We personally do the legwork ourselves the old-fashioned way and negotiate rates directly with the hotels.

And we don’t stop at the rates! ShowGo also negotiates all other relevant rates that matter to the bottom line such as parking fees, F&B discounts, room rental/breakout room fees, production office space in the hotel, pet policy fees, and of course the very crucial attrition and cancellation policies. Once all these rates and concessions have been negotiated, they are presented in a well-appointed format with maps, pictures, and side-by-side comparison of rates and amenities. You’ll never go cross-eyed over an uninspired spreadsheet with us.

ShowGo sets up hotel tours and assists in finalizing your contract. Now that you have options, we arrange tours and continue to fine-tune rates and amenities from your top contenders. Once a hotel is selected, we initiate the contract, which is always between you (the show or program) and the hotel. ShowGo will provide initial contract negotiating to ensure you benefit from the most favorable terms like attrition and cancellation, and that any hidden costs are removed from the contract. After the contract is executed, ShowGo remains on call at all times to help address issues like billing, additional rooms and conflict resolution.

Remember, with ShowGo, there is never a fee to pay nor a
contract to sign.