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At ShowGo, you will only work directly with the decision makers of the company—Larissa Havens and Tom Hampton. They are personally and completely invested in the success of the company and, in turn, acutely focused on your satisfaction.

Larissa is a proven production travel expert with many years of film production travel experience. Having worked on countless shows, her hotel vendor, production company, and film crew connections lead to success.

Tom is one of you. A former production coordinator with a decade of experience in film and television, he understands the unique challenges of working on productions, big and small.

ShowGo can afford to be selective with whom we work. This means our productions get highly-personalized and consistent attention, and don’t get lost in the shuffle. You will always know who to reach out to, and you will always be able to reach us.
We will always treat you like the star!

ShowGo is IATAN accredited. IATAN is a globally-recognized accreditation program for the travel industry.
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